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Elections: Joe Biden Enters Super Tuesday with Big Endorsements

Joe Biden Gets Big Boost Ahead of Super Tuesday

Former United States Vice President and yet again a Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has earned three endorsement from rivals on the Super Tuesday to sprint in his 2020 White House race. Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, and Pete Buttigieg all campaigned with the Biden in Dallas, TX. The most important day will mark the election of preferred Democratic candidate for November’s General election across 14 states in the country. The left-wing Bernie Sanders is still the Democratic frontrunner.

The moderates in the party are worried about what could be the eventual nomination of self-acclaimed democratic socialist to take on Donald Trump and eventually the most prestigious office in United States. The other contestants still hanging in the race include Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard and Michael Bloomberg. The Hawaii congresswoman, Ms. Gabbard is the only non-septuagenarian in the race.

On Monday Ms. Klobuchar, a senator representing Minnesota conceding the early defeat endorsed Biden and appearing alongside him on Monday night said: “If we spent the next four months dividing our party and going at each other, we will spend the next four-year watching Donald Trump tear apart our country.”

Former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Buttigieg also suspended her campaign on Sunday at a separate event with Biden.

“I am looking for a leader, I’m looking for a president, who will draw out what’s best in each of us,” asserted former Indiana mayor. While former VP talking to reporters said that Mr. Buttigieg, 38 remind him of his son Beau who passed away in 2015. O’Rourke, a former congressman who dropped out of the race earlier in Nov 2019 also shared Biden’s stage. Interestingly though, Klobuchar and Buttigieg had both been vying with Biden for the centrist Democratic vote. However, both had to step down after Biden’s resounding victor in South Carolina at the weekend after enough struggle in the first three Democratic contests in primaries.

The former Vice-President has also said to be picking up endorsements from two-times Democratic White House inmate Barack Obama, NSA Susan Rice, former Senate leader Harry Reid and several other Congressman and women.

Joe Biden Gets Big Boost Ahead of Super Tuesday

Once crowded with more than two dozen candidates, there are now only five contenders left in the Democratic side of draw with Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden being the frontrunners. Among them is former NYC mayor and billionaire Mike Bloomberg who is also targeting the same pool of voters as that of Sanders and Biden. Bloomberg entering the 2020 ballot for the first time on Super Tuesday has invested more than a half billion dollars to bolster his campaign.

Appearing in Fox News town hall on Tuesday, Bloomberg revealed that the nominee could be chosen through the indirect practice of horse-trading at the Democratic convention scheduled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in July 2020. Tulsi Gabbard form Hawaii and Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts are the other two Democratic runners left in the race.

Sanders leading his campaign in Minnesota on Monday night invited the voters of Amy and Pete to join his hands after they dropped out of their respective campaigns.

“To all of Amy and Pete’s millions of supporters, the door is open. Come on in,” said Sanders. Faiz Shakir his campaign manager and one of top aides suggested that party’s big money donors want to impede the Vermont Senator in the race.

“The establishment is nervous, not because we can’t beat Trump, but because we will,” said social Democrat’s campaign manager, Faiz Shakir. Sanders is pledging to target the prevalent income inequality in the country and reform everything from healthcare to education and taxations through multi-trillion-dollar policy plan.

After the conclusion of first four primary contests, Sanders still maintains a meager lead with 60 delegates need to win the Democratic WH nomination while Biden lags with 54 and Warren has bagged eight delegates so far. Virginia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, California, Alabama, Maine, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Vermont, Colorado, Texas, Utah, North Carolina and American Samoa are expected to cast their vote on Tuesday.