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Nikkei launched in April 1990 was soon rebranded as Asia Business News in May 1997. Goro Sakai is president of the channel. The communication satellite channel provides financial feeds, business news and the global business insights from pan Asia, Europe, America and Africa in real time. The real time news, stock and indices are produced at and broadcasted from Nikkei Studio, Otemachi in Tokyo accessed by over 6 million household in land of rising sun. The jointly ventured Nikkei CNBC is a brand and the one to be the trendsetter in business and finance news. The channel is owned by Nikkei, Inc., CNBC Asia Pacific, TV Tokyo Corporation, and Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd, the largest and leading cable television operator. One of the top most developed economies in the Pan Asian region is a home to the business tycoons, business executives, financial professionals, CEO’s, investors and everyone that has something for him/her in the news and content served by the CNBC.

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More About Channel
OwnerNihon Keizai Shimbun, NBCUniversal, TV Tokyo, Jupiter TV
LaunchApril 1990 (Nikkei Satellite News) May 1, 1997 (Asia Business News) October 1, 1999 to now (as Nikkei CNBC)
Broadcast areaJapan
HeadquartersOtemachi Financial City South Tower 5F, 1-9-7Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, Japan


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