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Digi24 is owned by RCS & RDS – one of the largest telecommunications brands of the region providing Services and developing telecommunications infrastructure in Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy and Spain. The market leader of the region prior to investment in media and television was well known for its services including Internet – Optical fiber, fixed and mobile Telephony.

Digi24 – the Romanian DTH Station was launched in 2010, six years after the establishment of DIGI TV. The generalist channel focuses on national, regional and international news with reasonable emphasis while providing the general entertainment to its audiences. The channel was formerly known as 10TV before getting rebranded as Digi24 in 2010. Uk based design and branding company Kemistry rebranded the channel with fresh spirits. Digi24 is available in Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Moldova, Hungary, and Czech Republic. The other siblings of the Digi Network include Digi Film, Digi Life,Digi Animal World, UTV, (musical channel) Digi World, Digi Sport 1, Digi Sport 2 and Digi Sport 3.

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More About Digi24

Country Romania
Launch December 10, 2010
Headquarters Bucharest
Website www.digi24.ro


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Flavia Negoescu
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