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Press TV is a round the clock Iranian (state owned & funded) English news channel, well known all over the world, especially in west and particularly in America for its anti-Zionist rhetoric and conservative speech. IRIB directly owns the channel. The Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is the patron in chief of the Press. Headquartered in the country’s capital Tehran is famous for its conservative and anti American/Israel Itemization. The Press is approved by the conservative political division of the country.

Muhammad Sarafraz is the current CEO of the channel. The main objective of founding the channel was to put across the Iranian Prescriptive, promote conservative school of thoughts and write a new world order by ordering the disclosure of controversial and contentious policies and actions of the West and its allies.

The Press TV website was launched in January 2007 which was modified and launched again with an even better GUI. Under the influence of Revolutionary Guards (Iranian Military’s Elite Faction) has an annual budget of more than USD 9M.

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About Press TV

Owned byIRIB
LaunchJuly 2, 2007
SloganNews anew
Broadcast areaWorldwide
HeadquartersTehran, Iran
Sister channelsAl-Alam News Network HispanTV


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  PRESS TV 6, East 2nd St. Farhang Blvd. Saadat Abad 19977-66411, Tehran IRAN Telephone: +98 (21) 230 661 70 Fax: +98 (21) 230 661 79


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