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Alegro Capital LTD is the owner of Bulgarian News7 including the siblings TV7, Super7 and Sport 7. The News7 is affiliated with CNN International and CNN CNN Türk. The initial launched created a cable television channel ‘PDM’ in 1996 based and broadcasting in Sofia. The launch was followed by a further renaming of the brand Demo TV in 2000 which was again rebranded as BBT in 2003 when the news media was declared as the national cable and satellite network of the country. Soon, the channel was able to spread terrestrially over 50 cities and towns in Bulgaria.TV7 with purchasing the complete shares traded the news media and replaced the BBT with News 7 in March 2013. News7 is a subsidiary of the 7 Media group which also includes its prime property TV7 and Super7, a children’s TV. The news brand is presently owned by international investment Banking Company Algero Capital which has investments, apart from media, in telecommunications and technologies. The channel is the largest affiliate of East European CNN, entitled to share the resources including breaking news, live coverage and other programming and journalistic services. The content produced by the TV includes headline news, current affairs, shows and talk/political shows, lifestyle itemization, sports events and others are also a part of the news television.

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More About News7
Owner Alegro Capital
Country Bulgaria
Launch 1996
Sister channels TV7, Sport7, Super7
Website http://www.news7.bg/


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